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About Us

Oxford Intelligence is a UK-based business consultancy founded in 1996 that specialises in identifying, tracking and provision of global FDI across all industry sectors, keeping pace with new and transformational industries as well as emerging markets.

Our team of multilingual analysts collect and verify thousands of FDI projects every year to make up comprehensive data sets that map corporate international expansion activities and can assist you in making the best possible investment promotion decisions for your organisation.

Oxford Intelligence prides itself on the level of cooperation we have developed with national and regional economic development agencies across the world. We aim to collect and present national and regional statistics as accurately as possible and are proactive in developing and maintaining links with these agencies in order to authenticate our data.

In 2012 Oxford Intelligence and Ecorys joined forces to create a new and enhanced business structure, incorporating Ecorys’s 80 years of upstream economic development and location strategy experience.

A wholly-owned unit of Ecorys UK, Oxford Intelligence delivers a wide range of industry, sector and corporate intelligence solutions related to inward investment and trade promotion needs.

Our other services include:

  • Lead Generation
  • Data Services
  • Research Reports
  • Corporate location advisory
  • Consultancy