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Oxford Intelligence’s Analytics tool is designed to provide you with the facts at a glance.

Using the latest interactive dashboard software, subscribers are able to interrogate our database of over 80,000 FDI projects all of which have been verified by our inhouse research experts.

We use a wide variety of research tools, including basic news sources such as local papers in each country, business magazines, industry specific newsletters and aggregate providers such as Factiva. In addition we cooperate with national and regional Economic Development Agencies across the world to ensure our data is as comprehensive as possible.

The final element of our success in finding unpublicised projects is the experience of our team of analysts in deploying both classic and cutting edge research techniques to complete our database.

Following the success of our Corporate Investment Tracking service and IPA World global FDI newsletter, we began collating FDI projects in 2002 focussing on the European Continent including Turkey, Russia and the Baltics. We expanded this to a global study in 2013.

Our data now covers FDI investments across the world. For geographical trade area comparison purposes, we use standard geographic area descriptions where appropriate (EEA, ISC, NAFTA, Oceania, Tiger).

Oxford Intelligence uses a vast array of sources both automatic and manual to provide our data but our final verification process is undertaken solely by our team of multilingual analysts. We check each project that enters our database to verify the source, facts, veracity and suitability in order to maintain the integrity of over 15 years of data gathering.

Our planned schedule is for each month’s data to be uploaded a maximum of 30 days after the end of that calendar month. During our Beta Launch, we are currently working on a six month rolling verification to match our new analytical tools. We expect to meet our standard uploading schedule by Spring 2017.

Subscribers are able to search for projects using any or all of the following criteria* : Date Range, Company Name, Investment Source by Country, Investment Destination by Country or City, Project Type, Capital Expenditure and Employees.

* where available

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